All About Hosting a Bar Service

Hosting a Bar Service:
Some common questions that K&J’s Bar and Beverage Service receives include: What is the best hosting option?  How much should I host?  What is the most economic hosting option? Depending on the event your bar service, the duration of the event and what your guests prefer, these answers will vary.  However, below is some good information that might shed light on some of these questions.

What is the best hosting option?
Each bar service is unique, and so is each crowd.  K&J’s Bar service provides a variety of hosting options that are suitable to fit any beverage catering needs.  We offer full all-inclusive packages.  These packages include wine, mixed drinks, beer (keg(s) and/or bottles), pop, water and everything needed to run a fully functional bar.  These packages come in various levels that include different amounts and quality levels of beverages.  With these packages, a price is set per person and guests will receive unlimited drinks throughout the duration of the event.  Pricing for this form of liquor catering is determined on the duration of the event and the number of guests.  Guests under 21 are not counted in this total!

Another option for hosting would be to only host a portion of the bar.  With this option, the possibilities are endless.  You can choose practically any combination of hosting you would like.  For example you could host a keg or a few kegs, host wine, host mixed drinks, host drinks to a set limit, host a set limit of drinks, host a happy hour etc…  K&J’s Bar Service will work with customers to make each event special, unique and within budget!

How much should I host?
Determining how much to host is very dependent on the party. Of course bar services at weddings are generally much more busy than a bar service at a corporate function.  K&J has had experience in providing beverage catering for various events from birthday parties, to anniversary parties, to weddings to grand openings.  Based on they type of your event, we will work with you to forecast a good amount to host.  If you are really unsure on what to host, no problem; in that case you can choose to run a tab and only pay for what is consumed rather than choosing all inclusive pricing.  K&J will work on a case-by-case basis to figure out the best hosting combination for your required bar!

What is the most economical hosting option?
Once again, this question depends on the event.  Choosing all inclusive hosting is a great option when you are expecting the bar to be busy.  If you are expecting a slower bar, running a tab may be best.  Hosting kegs will provide the most bang for your buck in terms of price per drink.  If budget is a concern for your bar service, we will work with you to find something suitable.  Cash bar is always an option.  In this case, your guests purchase their own drinks.

If you are having an event in the Twin Cities or surrounding metro, we would be happy to give you a quote!





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